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India has become a big market for the Chinese app as as per the reports around 40% users are income. But because of some mis happenings something went wrong with it. So lets figure out what and how things went gone wrong.

Tik Tok is a standout amongst the most downloaded web-based social networking applications in 2018. Once in the past known as Musical.ly or Musically, Tik Tok has unquestionably accomplished a specific dimension of distinction as it has a large number of clients visiting the application consistently.

If you are one of those who has never ventured into the world of TikTok, you might have missed out on a lot of entertainment in the form people challenging gravity, emulating celebrities, dancing in front of moving cars. But unfortunately, there have also been instances of animal abuse, obscenity, pornography, cyber bullying and even physical harm leading to deaths.

There has been a string of accidents and mishappenings that have been reported related to the use of TikTok that lead to the ban of tiktok in india. So let’s understand in detail the real reasons for TikTok being banned in India.


There is widespread dishearted among Tiktok app lovers in India for Tik-tok Ban. Are You also among one of those Tiktok Lovers? If Yes, Then Don’t Worrylets understand the actual matter.

TikTok India had been on the radar on these days for its “pornographic and inappropriate” content.Trouble for lipsync and video-sharing platform TikTok had been brewing in India for some time now. here you can create videos from 15 sec to 60 seconds. After the Madras High Court ordered a ban on it, tech giants Google and Apple removed the application from the Android and iOS application stores. That lead to increase the heat on TikTok .

Some Cons of Tiktok App

This tiktok video stage is making a menace for Normal natives of India. Recently because of tiktok , The death of a 19-year old was the most recent incident that took place in Delhi in which a gun being used for shooting the video accidentally went off, leading to the accident and arrest of the other two boys involved.

A glimpse of Governments decision

Last month, an plea was applied by the Advocate Muthu Kumar against app tiktok that is  Owned by Chinese technology company Byte Dance. Later  the Madras High Court ordered ban on the app TikTok claims that it has over 120 million monthly active users in india. On April 16, they ordered to took down the app out of the play store and then Google and Apple took it down from their stores for india to comply with  court order.

Tamil Nadu Government highlighted the major concerns behind the TikTok ban in India and also showed up the dark side of the app which unfortunately became a cause of cyber bullying, children being exposed to sexually explicit content and harassment. There’s nothing bad about the TikTok app in itself. However, The problem led with the underage audience and the nature of the content. In order to create good content and become famous many of them crossed limits. Even kids are tremendously using the app without any age limit criteria. Because of all that the Madras High Court ordered to forbid downloading of the TikTok application.

Meanwhile, existing users can continue using the app, and new users can not download from play store but of course can still access it off the internet.

The Effect Of Tiktok Bann In India

The Tiktok app was widely used by the youngsters. many of them use it as a medium of entertainment because it can just fresh and up your mind , whereas some of the users see it as a part of earning because tiktok also pays some bucks to the popular creators and after the ban they all are deeply disheartened because it was such a great medium to show case talent and skills. It also helped many people to gain confidence and make them able to face camera .though because of some people it all went wrong, but due to it many people started mis-using the app by creating negative and vulgar content at the same time that become a cause of concern and lead government to take this decision.

The biggest effect after the imposition of ban on the tiktok by the supreme court of India is that the App has been removed from google and Apple play stores. Anyway let’s hope for the best.

The famous application utilized by teenagers for creation and sharing of short recordings was accessible on application stores of both Google and Apple .however, individuals who have just downloaded it will almost certainly keep utilizing it on their cell phones.

To some extent people find the ban not the genuine solution for the causes as there is no complete ban, the users who have already downloaded it can still use the same. Even if after some time the ban is lifted then also fortunately or unfortunately there are some alternatives to TikTok.

LIKE –Because of its special effects Youngsters love this video-making app too. The app has many amazing and 3D special effects .

VMate- This is a video editor or downloader that allows its users to choose from a collection of songs, clips, trailers to create their videos. It is an platform that gives you the option to access some fantastic features, filters and special effects for the videos and some great editing options.

ShareChat- This is also a very good app and also widely used in india. It also has some special feature for creating video.

Dubsmash- It was the first video creator app and launched widely used app consisting the same feature that tiktok consists. It is the same lip syncing video creator app which is quite similar to TikTok that has also gained extreme popularity amongst the youth in its time.




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