What is physiotherapy?



Physiotherapy is a treatment and a primary care to maintain, restore and make the most of a patient’s mobility, function, and well-being. Physiotherapy Service is a health care profession for the treatment of pain, disease, and injury that uses some physical agents such as exercise, massage, and other modalities. Physiotherapy treatments are for pain relief and help patients to lead the most active and independent life possible. It is one of the best ways to treat physical injuries. It treats physically challenged people associated with diseases injuries, and other impairments.

Every individual of any age group is very important for this world. Physiotherapists plan to assess and implement rehabilitative programs. Physiotherapy is a type of treatment that helps to improve the movement and function of your muscles and joints. Physiotherapy can help you to reduce back pain and can get you back to normal mobility.



The pain and overstrain occurs when excess movement takes place at a limited number of joints resulting in instability at those segments. A combination of physiotherapy and medical treatment do successful operations. In the case of spinal pain, about 80% of the exact diagnosis is not apparent. This means that no one can exactly determine can tell exactly what structure is injured.


The Physiotherapy identifies Faulty movement patterns and joint stiffness, soft tissue tightness, and tension in the nerve structures. The early assessment and treatment is a very important aspect. The problem becomes more critical and recurrent when you have it longer. Physiotherapy is also known as physical therapy. It is a science resourcing much-allied health profession that deals with manual therapy and exercise therapy.


Today we are all dealing with the bane of modern lifestyle that outcome as knee pain, back pain, neck strain in our lives. It has become a part and parcel of life which is sad but true. We recommend you to consult a physiotherapist when you experienced any certain type of pain that stays over some time and that too experience it after doing a particular movement. It is used to help patients to restore, maintain and increase their inner strength, function and physical mobility. Physiotherapy also helps in the rehabilitation of patients suffering from paralysis Stroke, Multiple Sclerosis.

Physiotherapy Treatment Benefits

Physiotherapy has become a boon over the years. It has significantly proved its effectiveness by restoring the patient’s health and enhancing their physical strength, function, and mobility. But some people are still away from it because of their inability to move to the centers or may be due to their busy schedule. Hence to help them, a new initiative has been taken. The cost of physiotherapy depends on several factors such as the health condition of the patient, type of physiotherapy offered, city, duration of the session, level of the problem. Home Physiotherapy sessions are designed to provide a super comfortable environment and help the patient to recover faster. You can discuss your problem with a physiotherapist, show your areas of pain, nature of pain, how long you have been facing the problem and how the pain started, level of function you would like to achieve.


To enhance your further experience and to assist you now our Physiotherapists will visit you at your home and perform physiotherapy at home. Physiotherapy exercises have been proven to be the best and beneficial way to treat and prevent injuries and pain related to various diseases. Physiotherapists are well-trained medical professionals who use their best knowledge to help a person. Physiotherapy also helps to restore and balance the mental state of the patient which is difficult for a holistic approach. Some of the major benefits of physiotherapy at home are:


  • It Enables convenience to the patients
  • It brings a bit faster healing process
  • No more mobility issues
  • It also Provides personalized care
  • More attention to the patients


Some Tips to keep you healthy

Here are some tips suggested by physiotherapists given as

  1. Avoid total sitting time.
  2. Have a regular massage.
  3. Exercise your core to strengthen back and abs muscles.
  4. Practice good postures while sitting.
  5. Your shoes need to support your spine.
  6. Make your spine rest and relax while sleeping.



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