What is Medical Tourism



What is Medical Tourism?

Medical Tourism is widely known as Healthcare Tourism. When people who live in one country and travel to another country in order to receive medical, dental and surgical care .travels from one country to another and travel and receiving greater or equal care than they would have in their own country. They opt for medical tourism and prefer traveling for medical care because of better access to care, a higher level of quality of care and most importantly affordability.

A wide range of preventive and health-conductive treatment, health-oriented and tourism ranging from rehabilitation and curative forms of travel is covered by this. Medical tourism completely focuses on medical treatments and the use of healthcare services.

When people do travel from one country to another then it is called Medical Tourism and when people who live in one country travel to another city, region or state to receive medical, dental and surgical care and receiving greater or equal care at the same time than they would have in their own home city, and are traveling for medical care because of, better access to care or a higher level of quality of care and affordability then it is called “Domestic Medical Tourism”.


Understand Medical Tourism Facilitator?

Medical Tourism Facilitator plays an imperative part in medical tourism. The motivation of medical tourism may be for medical services unavailable or non-licensed in the home country and in search of that people travel from their home country to another. People are travel to different countries where the treatment is better understood especially the ones with rare conditions and who those can’t afford high medical fees and in search of affordable medical facility they travel. But sometimes it becomes quite difficult to manage it all alone without any help that too in a different country, then there comes a vital role in medical tourism facilitator.

It is an independent company that helps to coordinate a patient’s trip to another country for medical care in search of healthcare, affordability, access to care or better availability. There are several Factors because of which the medical tourism went beyond popularity and like improvements in both standards of care and technology in many countries that led to the increasing popularity and considering factors like the ease and affordability of international travel, long wait times for certain procedures, the high cost of health care.

Types of Treatments in Medical Tourism

  • Infertility – it provides treatment to the infertility couple
  • Cosmetic surgery- it is popularly known as plastic surgery.
  • Oncology – It involves the diagnosis and treatment of cancer.
  • Cardiology – diseases of the heart.
  • Neurology and Neurosurgery – it provides treatment for diseases of the brain, spinal cord, peripheral nerves, or muscles.
  • Dentistry- Dentistry consists dental care, dental treatment, dental procedures or dental surgery etc.
  • Organ transplant- it involves transplants such as kidney and liver transplant.
  • MAS-laparoscopic – it consists abdominal surgeries.


Why are Patients Traveling Internationally for Medical Tourism?

Nowadays, because of the high quality of healthcare, affordability, access of care or better availability people are traveling from their home country to another for having the best medical facilities to best medical centers in different countries. Earlier Those who traveled from less-developed countries to major medical centers in highly developed countries for treatment unavailable at home. but now in recent years, people are departing for lower-priced medical treatments from developed countries towards developing countries.


The Cost Savings of Medical Tourism?

The cost savings depends on which country service you are taking. Many times it has been seen that it costs a fraction of the price they do in other countries for surgical procedures performed in medical tourism destinations. Sometimes The cost savings can be up to 90%.


List of popular countries destination for medical tourism:

India, Chennai, Thailand, Jordan, Israel, Iran, South Africa, America, Brazil,  Mexico, etc. Let us know in brief about some countries.

South Africa

In Africa, South Africa has become the first country to emerge as a medical tourism destination.


After Thailand, India is becoming the 2nd medical tourism destination. In India, there are much medical tourism leading cities and one of the city is Chennai. “India’s Health City” tag is given to the city of India known as Chennai. It has been providing medical facilities so amazingly so that it got India’s health city name as according to the reports  45% of health tourist are attracted towards visiting India and 40% of domestic health tourists. That’s a big success. Medical tourism is a growing sector in India and finding several prospects of international travel for medical care. In India, for low-priced healthcare procedures every year an estimated 150,000 of these patients come to India for cosmetic surgeries, knee cap replacement, cancer treatment, liver transplant, cataract, a kidney transplant.

Africa and the Middle East:


Israel has also become a popular destination for medical tourism. It is famous for a variety of health care services and surgical procedures and because of that, it is attracting a large number of Medical tourists to Israel. Many medical tourists to Israel patients are coming from Europe to Israel, as well as Australia, Cyprus,  United States, and South Africa. These tourist come for treatments like therapies, including heart surgery, catheterization, oncological bone marrow transplants, and neurological treatments.


People are coming in bulk to Iran for medical treatments and because of that Iran has become a destination for medical tourism to receive medical treatment. According to the reports around 200,000 health tourists came to Iran in 2015 and surely expected to be rise.

Iran has a unique experience of control of infections like hepatitis B virus and hepatitis C virus that can help many tourists seeking medical help.


Because of their Private Hospitals Association, Jordan is becoming the popular medical tourism destination. it is highly attracting patients because of their high standards in term of medical facilities. According to the reports in 2014, in the IMTJ Medical Travel Awards, Jordan has also won the Medical Destination of the year award.







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