Tips for Handling Criticism


I would have done things very differently during my teen age if I had read this statement that “When you judge another, you do not define them; you define yourself as someone who needs to judge”. In fact, I would have pasted this quote to my bedroom wall and see it every day.

Every Teenager needs to understand this for the stability and betterment in life. I’m sure Teenage must have been very crucial time for all of us. We might not have got correct guidance at that period of time unfortunately  but now we all must make sure that our younger ones gets the guidance to deal with it and get over it. They needs to get over from these critical situations of their life in a right way and at the right time in order to take them away from the world of worldliness , practicality , loneliness and negativity .

Every kid is far different , some are pleasers and some are not , some can express while some of them can’t , some believe in themselves while some not. We are all humans and we are all different people  co-exiting together in this beautiful world which may look quite weird or strange at an stage of life. Life do not seems always beautiful but it is. But Its just that how we look at it. Every human at some extent behaves like a lawyer while talking about themselves but on the other hand they start behaving like judges when it comes to other person or when they talk about others .

Nothing can be more disgraceful than to be at war with whom you have lived in terms of friendship or family and criticize them at any point. Being human its very natural that we have disagreements on certain things and a reflection of that tends to create an ambience of criticism hatred and negativity.

Many times we face that at every step of our lives there comes out  thousands of uninvited advisors and critics who always points out our mistakes on the basis of certain characteristics that to their belief are morally correct or incorrect. or even sometimes out of jealously then even can’t handle the good things also that is going out and make some harsh comments without even realizing that this world is so small for jealous and criticize. Judging another person reveals your traits only. while criticizing any person they themselves broadcase their personalities , how they deal with their problems and how broad their thinking may be .Therefore reveals your way of perceiving the people.


I request to all of you to please avoid these kinds of people and don’t let anyone harm you by their senseless thoughts.Some will say you are ugly ,you are bad ,you’re unworthy , you’re undeserving , you are fat , you are this you are that. Please don’t listen any of them at all. Do nothing, Say nothing . Never mind what haters say, avoid them till they fades away And if possible surrounds yourself only with positive people .This is the one and only epic solution .

So I would say judging partially does reflect your values and morals. I personally don’t believe in criticism and we all should not . Even now I do not get affected by any of my critics.

we all are human , we are all different , co-exiting together . I believe the world is so large enough to co-exist together. So please appreciate people of your belongings , praise them ,encourage them .  


Vandana keshri

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