The Importance of Travel Insurance


Travel Insurance – Understanding the Importance

Traveling is a word that can excite anybody. A trip to a foreign country is really exciting, especially when it is your first one. Traveling to holiday soothes our body and mind. When it comes to traveling, the attention is solely on making the trip more fun. We all want our holiday to make memorable and want to leave all the worries and stress behind and enjoy it like never before. But one does not pay much heed to safety.
The Basics of Travel Insurance
As the name suggests, travel insurance covers all your losses which may occur while traveling. Insurance is the best available option to manage all your risks while traveling. An insurance policy protects you against unseen threats and sudden happenings. An insurance policy is always useful no matter how safe the situation seems to be. It covers only a few things which includes evacuations, medical expenses, cancellations, flight delays, loss or theft, etc. You just need to spend a small amount to transfer the cost of your probable loss to the insurance company. But the coverage of losses depends upon the travel insurance policy you have. Most travel insurance policies usually include the following things such as Emergency medical assistance, Trip cancellation coverage, Medicines, and hospital costs, Emergency Evacuations, Surgery, and dental treatments, Medical emergencies, Urgent medical treatment for accidents, Lost baggage or passport, delayed flights, etc.
What does a travel insurance policy cover?
Every insurance company has their own policy but there are few policies they all have in common. They include Lost baggage or passport, delayed flights, Medical emergencies, Emergency Evacuations, Trip cancellation coverage, etc. Let’s discuss in detail.

1. Lost baggage or passport, delayed flights, etc. : This travel Insurance provides a kind of protection to us while our traveling. As it covers you against loss of our passport or baggage. It aids you in making arrangements for a temporary passport and enables you to have a stress-free vacation. You get a travel insurance coverage in case your flight has been canceled or delayed.

2. Medical emergencies: The medical costs in countries such as America are a bit rather thick. The protection against such financial risk is provided by these travel Insurance offers via their policies and covers all of your medical expenses.

3. Emergency Evacuations: your Insurance Company will pay the cost if you need to be evacuated emergency. It includes your return flights home or directly to a place you want.

4. Trip cancellation coverage: This is the most widely used coverage in travel insurance. The travel insurance company provides rescue to us in our difficult situation during our trip by their policy. As in booking your trip, you risk your money by paying a considerable amount and if for any reason you had to cancel your trip. Then it will be really a big loss for us. Travel these cancellations terms are generally considered for injury, sickness or any death in the family.
Why is it important to have travel insurance?
Travel insurance is very important which we all must know. It’s one of those things that few travelers consider and then regret not taking when it’s too late. Planning and Research play a vital role before traveling. Travel insurance offers you peace of mind. It covers oneself against travel risks which include lost or stolen luggage, cancellation cover due to unexpected medical reasons, unexpected medical costs, etc.
We don’t leave any stone unturned for our trip. We spend a lot of time shopping, packing for the entire trip. But what if when instead of having fun we get into unforeseen circumstances. These things could happen to anyone. Nothing can be worse than leading towards this mishap on a holiday. Amidst this excitement, we must not overlook these consequences such as meeting with an accident or falling sick. It’s definitely an unfortunate mishap that we can’t control but we surely can precautions. Hence, one must stay prepared to brave the unforeseen circumstances.

Things to know before travel insurance

It is advised everyone to read the entire coverage details of policy has given Insurance provider. As the coverage of losses depends upon the travel insurance policy you have. And to know that well, you have to go through the entire policy. Because your this ignorance to the coverage details may lead to the failure of a claim. Some important things about travel insurance.

• Choosing a good travel agent is very important who can guide you: There are many travel agents who can guide you and gives you good plans. But there also many agents who mislead. you can also take advice from your family or friends regarding this. And once you have the experience, based on your own experience you can enable them to make a good decision regarding travel insurance for themselves. you could provide them with valuable insight into their destinations.

• Travel Insurance is completely different from health insurance. The only difference is that health insurance is specifically designed to cater to health reasons.

• A travel insurance policy includes cover for lost baggage, delayed flights, medical expenses and so on.

• Travel insurance does not cover pre-existing health issues.

• Comparing travel insurance policy is a smart move.

Types of Travel Insurance
There are various types of travel insurance policies available today. Let’s discuss the most important ones. First one is a single trip which means that the insurance policy is valid for one trip only. The family travel insurance policy is the one that covers all your family members under one policy. Let’s discuss in brief.
There are various types of travel insurance policies that you all can have :
1. Individual Travel Insurance
Individual travel insurance provides coverage for a single traveler covers the risks for a single traveler.
2. Family Travel Insurance
Family travel insurance provides coverage for a family. The family travel insurance covers the risks for all family members traveling with you. This type of plan provides comprehensive coverage to the entire family who is traveling on the trip. One needs to pay a certain premium for a policy that covers all family members on the journey. The sum insured is shared amongst all family members.
3. Student Travel Insurance

Student Travel Insurance is travel insurance specifically designed for students relocating abroad for further studies or just for a trip for studies, work or for any other reason.

4. Annual Multi Trip Travel Insurance :
It is like a combo offer. As the name suggests, this Annual multi-trip travel insurance policy is designed specifically for those who travel frequently throughout the year. This policy is valid for a period of one year. It depends on you how periodically you want to set that. The policyholder need not arrange to buy a travel insurance policy every time you go on a trip.
5. Single Trip Travel Insurance
There are various subtypes in this policy type which is designed as per the need of the traveler. Single trip travel insurance is ideal for those who are not sure when they are going to travel in a year. They travel occasionally or according to a prior commitment. The most common inclusions in this type of policy are costs related to accidental death, emergency transport to the nearest medical center, medical expenditure, disability benefit and loss of baggage or trip cancellation.
• Travel insurance is still helpful and necessary when traveling domestically.
• Because when one travels within your country of residence, most of the risks get associated. at that time also the travel insurance policy comes for the rescue to save them in some unfortunate events.
• There are several exceptions also for more elderly travelers or pregnant ladies and given some more benefits and profits but also have some specific rules also which will not be must discuss all before you go for travel.
• sometimes the amount for these policies are costly but its very beneficiary. you buy travel insurance for your home insurance and you should also buy an insurance policy for another country also because it does not cover you when you are in a foreign country.

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