How to avoid everyday Conflicts in Married Life ?


Many of us have a question of how to live happily married life.
How do you solve all the difficulties of your married life and how to spend a happy married life, you can get the necessary information in this Blog.

Should there be differences in home? Should not be a little bit !! If there is a difference in the house then you are unhappy. If Husband does so, then the unfit for Husband and Wife does, then she is unfit for the Wife.
Related Science:
1) Wife should not have any problem. if  your wife facing problems then you will not be happy. There was no happiness by grieving the wife. And the woman who had caused some sorrow to her husband never even happy!
2) That is, the world is a barrier. The law of nature is such that every creature hates within itself.
3)  Try to avoid fight and unnecessary discussion ! For three days, then decide to see the results! What is the use of the experiment? Three days of fasting for health? In the same way, fix it too. In the house, all of you should decide together that ‘I have liked the thing that Dada was talking about, so we should leave the suffering from today.’ Then look.

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