Hello !! I am vandana .

This personal blog is an insight into my work passion and interests . i’m Mtech with ECE and i’m an entrepreneur . I’m an expert at building your online presence , when it comes to tech my obsession is how to make their brand stand on and on and offline.
A birds eye view of the life i live at present. I started my blog to help every one to deal with the real life problems , sharing my experience of life , variety in my life and my daily musings about career and life . i’m appealing everyone to be you and be yourself . Do more for yourself. Why do we forget Ourselves in the hassle bussle of life .Beauty is being best possible version of yourself .so be you and do not imitate anyone. you deserve your greatest attention. I love life, food makeup ,in no particular order . let’s connect on facebook and Instagram . I do not claim to be expert in all aspects however i will try to share things that have worked for me.

Email me : info@beyouhub.com