7 foods you must avoid to lower your cholesetrol


What foods cause high cholesterol?  

You may be wondering what foods you should be eating ,If you’ve been told you have high cholesterol. There are foods that cause high cholesterol and some foods that are high in good cholesterol. Let’s understand the difference.

First what is Cholesterol. it is a fat-like wax substance that’s in every cell in the body. There is “bad” cholesterol that contributes to plaque buildup, which clogs your arteries and can increase your risk for heart attacks and strokes.

Then there is a good cholesterol. Your body needs a certain amount of cholesterol to create cell membranes and bile acids for digestion that absorbs the extra cholesterol in your system and transports it to the liver from where it is flushed out of the body. So there are foods that are high in bad cholesterol, which you should avoid. And there are foods that are high in good cholesterol that you should be eating more of.

Some High cholesterol foods to limit
The foods that cause high cholesterol will help prevent health challenges in the future by making small changes in the food intake.

1.Whipped Cream
Whipped cream is made with whole milk and loaded with fat.

Go for the low-fat cheeses that are lower in cholesterol.

3. Fried Foods
fried chicken, French fries, onion rings and other deep fried foods are loaded with extra calories and
saturated fats.

4.Egg Yolks
Opt for egg whites which are cholesterol free.

Use healthy oils like olive oil

6.Processed Meats
These are high in sodium and fat.
Choose healthy proteins like beans, chicken and fish and avoid
Red meat.

7.Commercial Baked Goods
Packed cakes and cookies have high calories and are loaded with fats such as macroni are loaded with unhealthy fats. use 1% milk and reduced fat cheese.

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