5 Reasons You Should Choose Wordpress For Your Website

5 Reasons You Should Choose WordPress for Your Website


Out of every 100 websites available on the World Wide Web today, more than 40 sites are powered by WordPress. There are specific reasons for its widespread popularity. WordPress has made it simple and quick for the non-programmers top design their own professional website within hours. You can easily modify your site independently as per the requirements and may need professional help only for more complex or specific needs. Along with maximum free availability, flexibility and least dependency, there are other more specific reasons behind the success of WordPress. Here are top  5 reasons:


5 Reasons You Should Choose WordPress for Your Website


Easy and Cheaper Availability

Due to the simplicity of WordPress as many as 34 out of every 100 websites running on the World Wide Web are powered by WordPress. Thus getting a WordPress developer is extremely easy. High availability of the talented WordPress professionals has also resulted in competitive pricing and you can get premium-quality WordPress professional services at much cheaper rates when compared to other CMS.

Built for Better SEO Benefits and Capabilities

The WordPress design is strategically designed to be Google friendly due to its neat coding, and simple structure. Besides, the users are free to determine the specific Web Pages of their site that should gain better ranking in search results. For that, they just need to customize the SEO component of the webpage that needs better visibility than others.  It empowers you to concentrate your efforts on the most rewarding pages and modify the SEO criteria as per the varying needs like latest campaigns or the newly launched products.

Friendly Features for Blogging and Content Marketing

Every new blog entry is almost instantly sent to an RSS feed. It facilitates the content syndication and thus increases opportunities for wider visibility and getting inbound links.

Extremely Mobile-Friendly Design

As most of the users access the net via their mobile phones you need the mobile-friendly design to effectively widen your reach. WordPress works on responsive web design principles that enable your site to automatically change the size and dimensions to suit the screen, resolution, and interface of the mobile device of your visitor. So you can be assured of delivering a premium user experience to your entire visitor regardless of the device they use to access your site.



Quick to add extra functionalities

As your site grows you need extra capabilities and functionalities. This could be an uphill task if you are using proprietary platforms and in most of the cases, it proves to be an expensive affair. The things are different from the WordPress users though. Thanks to the easy availability of plugins you can quickly scale up your site capabilities and add new functionalities without any coding. All you have to do is to search for the relevant WordPress plugins and install it on your site that is super easy. Think of plugins as an external well-designed functionality element that can easily be linked to your site and seamlessly works to redefine your site’s capabilities.

The best experience one can have

WordPress is more demanding when it comes to backend resources and features like RAM, storage, etc. Besides, you may need to add additional capabilities by installing WordPress plugins that can result in fluctuating demands so you may need a specific hosting plan for that. While it is best to go for WordPress hosting the premium cost might seem to be a barrier. In that case, you can also go for other plans except for shared hosting plan.


While there are a number of CMS available to build your site, none of them enjoys the popularity claimed by WordPress. There are multiple solid reasons behind it. In this blog, we have mentioned the top 5 advantages of WordPress over others that offer it a unique position in the market.

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