4 Tips to get traffic from Quora on your blog


What is Quora? When the website was launched, the website founder discovered and how to increase traffic on the blog by joining the website.


4 Tips to get traffic from Quora on your blog

4 Tips to get traffic from Quora on your blog


Whenever it comes to increasing traffic on the blog website, then everyone has the same answer as social media, facebook, twitter, whatsapp and so why people do use it till they sleep in today’s time. Talking about what is being used day by day is not a social media platform. This is the question answer platform, such as Yahoo.

The biggest agenda of being successful in blogging is traffic to make traffic blog successful. It is not impossible  to get traffic from it, you can get the more traffic from Quora .


You must have seen that when you search a long keyword in Google , then link with Quora always comes the first. I did’nt even knew about Quora, but I was always searching on Google to learn something like this, on one such day I had a long keyword, there were many options in which all the options were from Quora, I visited, my answer to the questions got 100% correct. In this I know more information about this site, after that I created an account on Quora and updated whole profile on Quora. What kind of questions you want to see? After selecting all these, there were a lot of questions in front of me, some of which I answered and some answers I read, I found it very useful Since then, I have become a regular visitor of Quora, I spend 30 minutes at Quora, answering some questions and reading some answers.


As I have where Quora is a question answer website where you can also get a good knowledge and if you are a related expert from a topic then you can also know your knowledge. I joined Quora since my blog’s traffic compared to earlier. Has increased

What is Quora?

Quora question can be seen below the site which is available in 17 languages



















Quora was discovered in 2009 in California, USA, its Served Area is the complete world, founder Adam D’Angelo Charlie Cheever, whose Alexa rank was 93th in 2018, Quora website was launched in 2010, Registered member of Quora, in September 2018 326. How useful it is to use such a useful site. Now it is not necessary to tell. Now let us know about the traffic ink

How to increase traffic on blog from Quora site?

Join Quora

Tips.1 First of all, you will have to create profiles on Qorwa. You can use Quora App to create a profile or create an account by going to the Direct Quora website and then signup from Facebook. Do not sign up from Google Plus because these platforms are going to close


Update Quora Profile

Update 2: Once you have SignUp, update the profile in which your Mobile Number, Etc will update, Select which topic you want to see from your topic, Blogging, Adsense, Make Money, Business, Share Market All Topics here Is available at which you are interested to select

Tips.3 SignUp, After updating your profile, you have to divert traffic to your blog, for that you answer Quora questions. When you start quora, you need to enter the url of the blog in your reply, then another thing is also in the profile. Submit your blog You can see my Quora profile contains the URL of my blog in it


How to increase traffic on blog from Quora site?

Prior to answering the questions of the people, research the good question on the question, because the question you are answering is shown in Quora’s feed, the answer to the question you do not know is ‘Pass’, that means Quora’s Some caution should be used to use.


Do not Self Promotion

Tips.4 As I mentioned, you can add a link to your site but do not do it in the start when people will like your answer, they will start asking questions to you, meaning that the queries will start coming, then in your answer add Link Add Do not try to increase overlowers here like other social sites, but here you will find the answer as much as you like the logo. Your popularity will increase and your followers will continue to grow on Quora Puller is getting it out, you know you would answer View Every Week Month makes these notifications Quora Send accessible to many people your answer

Quora Best Way is the simple way of counting the traffic, if you say Quora join the answer given on the question given there will be traffic coming from Quora on your blog. 99% Sure, once you visit Quora, Will get used to

Google Analytics does not show the result of traffic that your blog will receive from Quora

Quora Most is the Popular Marketing Place from where you can market traffic by marketing your blog and make your site popular, earnings will also increase, I use Quora, I have the advantage of this so that you can get this article with the logo Is shared as

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