जानिए कैसे बढ़ाएं अपने Mobile का Storage


today in this world of technology , mobile is  in every hands . But Due to the huge apps, games and multimedia data, most users have to face storage problem. In this case, Today new smartphones are being launched with a lot of storage space, but low storage space is still a problem. Media files can be up to several GB, if you’re gonna follow some tricks.

There are many ways to manage storage. If your smartphone also has storage space problems, then these methods will work a lot. I’m sure it would help you all.


  1. Continue to clear downloads history & cache files regularly

Due to limited storage you should manage regular downloads and cache in storage. The effect of both of them falls on the key-functions of the phone.

Go to the downloads section of the phone and delete the files completely. Also, continue to clear the cache by going to Settings > Storage > Cache data. Change App Settings.

2.Micro SD card

If your smartphone has a MicroSD card slot, then you are okay. you can increase the space for photos and videos besides apps and games. By putting cards up to 32GB in phones with 16 GB or less internal storage. If you get a hybrid slot in newer smartphones, then you can use memory card with a SIM.

  1. Disable automatic media

On Messaging App, you get the option to disable automatic media downloads, disable it by going to WhatsApp & Facebook Messenger, so that no space is used without your permission.

Similarly, you can reduce the resolution by going to camera settings, which will reduce the photos to less space.


4.Save on Google Photos & Videos

If you have a MicroSD card space and have the option to store movies or TV shows then you can still have a better way of saving them. You can not delete every single photo click, so you can use the Google Photos app to save them.

Here’s a cloud backup of photos and you can delete any photo / video whenever you want. You can use files like Go Files to save files.

  1. Remove False Apps, Streaming Apps etc.

After backing up your phone data, you can uninstall the applications that are not used. Apart from this, if you are a music lover then you can install any music streaming app in the phone and delete the songs saved.

Similarly, video streaming apps can also save space. You can also disable the preinstalled application in the phone by going to Settings.

  1. Adaptable storage options

Many phones offer an affordable storage option, which means that you can use MicroSD card as internal storage.

This option can be useful for many users, but once the card is used as an internal storage, it does not work on other devices. It should be taken care of.





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